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    Most Popular scrubber and wire drawing machine
    JX-YT6 Technical Data
    Power consumption/ton750kw·h
    Mechanical transmission modeSprocket
    Control systemFrequency converter + PLC
    Gram weight precisionl0.2-0.4g
    CutmodeCut up mode
    Tail length1-10mm
    Machine size/weight(4.05*1.05*1.9m)/1200kg
    Materials feeding0.7mm stainless steel wire(include 410, 430 etc), galvanized iron wire
    This scrubber and wire drawing machine is the most popular in international market. As the latest design machine, it was Advanced technology has greatly saved the cost and replaced the original wire drawing machine separation machine. The automatic power-on automatic shutdown function, is to replace the current market, high-speed wire drawing machine,it is also the hot sale scourer machine in the recently market, so popular for the domestic and foreign markets. The scrubber and wire drawing machine features application – Family, hotel, restaurant for washing pot,kitchen cleaning; Bowl and gas cooker, industry and construction for metal; Chinaware, marble surface, glass eliminating.

    Advantages of the scrubber and wire drawing machine:
    1. Low power consumption, fast speed, the fuselage only 4 meters in length, save a space.
    2. This scrubber and wire drawing machine can operate 2 to 3 sets by a single person in the automatic work such as wire feeding, forging pressing, light creating stretching, numerical control ball dividing, so as to reduce the labor cost.
    3. In terms of intelligent design, the size of the ball is automatically controlled by numerical.
    4. Use frequency conversion motor to completely solve the defect that 220v unidirectional can not be normally produced.
    5. The scrubber and wire drawing machine can produce any size and any weight clean balls(scourers).

    Q: Can you provide spare parts for 3 years for each model? How’s the machine’s abrasion and its expenses?
    A: Doesn’t need other equipment & accessories for ordinary prodcution. Our specific compression rollers, rubber wheels and other spare parts will be available for optional extra. Machine abrasion plus material waste, we calculated that the loss is about USD12.65/ton. (Calculated in year 2006) See next question for more about abrasion.
    Q: What is the scrap (production waste) volume when we start to manufacture pot scourers?
    A: It is according to the materials you bought, the quality of machine,and operator’s skills. Our machine in good materials with the specialized worker, the waste is about 0.3% to 0.6%. unskilled operator will make waste about 1%.
    Q: What’s the output production of each model in Kg. per 8-hour shift?
    A: JX-A4: 56kgs/8hours for spire scourers, more than 110kgs-120kgs/8hours for common metallic scourers scrubbers, galvanized steel scourers.
    Q: Is shining of scourer depended upon row material or coolant or any other operations of machine ?
    A: Shining color has not too much diffrence from different materials, however putting a little water or saponification oil will make final scourers scrubbers more brightness.
    Q: Is the raw material of S/S wire available in China? If yes, would you quote the best price for brass, galvanized steel, iron wires of best grade?
    A: Raw material of S S wire is avaible in China.
    We introduce the material wire factories to meet your pot-scourer prodcction.
    For good quality, diameter 0.125mm-0.13mm stainless steel wire raw material, the price is about USD2069. 00 FOB Shanghai/MT(in year Aug. 2010), the material price is fluctuating in market. Please contact us for details of materials factories. We have been offering materials from Aug 2010.

    Our Company

    Wuhan Venus Haotian Technology(Wuahn Venus Utensil product Co.)
    Established in 1993, been the top of scourer making machines in China,with over 20 years R&D, Wuhan Venus high speed scourer making machine has qualified by many state authority certificate organizations,including quality,service and credit AAA manufacture.GM Yang Jiangcheng was awarded outstanding entrepreneur in 2003 with great brand Wuhan Venus.
    Our company had longterm cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology research department and specialists of original NO. 752 military machinery factories,with these technology support, we have over 30 promotions in technology and developed our JX-A6 and JX-W2 high speed and output scourer making machines,the performance and technology standards are the top all over the world.These two types of scourer making machine enjoyed great praise in Shanghai fair and Zhejiang Yiwu fair for the first time.
    Wuhan Venus brand scourer making machine are of hot seller not only in domestic,but also enjoy an increasing amount of export to Russia,Mid East,South Asia,Africa,North America South America and some other countries and regions.and we have powerful sales and after-sales network with highly appreciate.
    Far-sighted Management
    Under the leading of Our General Manager Mr. Yang(Middle) and our Factory Director Mr. Wang Jinwen, our factory have been innovating technology and developing our JX-A6 and JX-W2 high speed and output scourer making machines,the performance and technology standards are the top all over the world.
    Wide Workshop
    Our wide Workshop could not only displace every type of our scouring ball making machines to our customers a well-understanding of our Structure and skills. Meanwhile, if you come to visit our factory, you will alwasy see our G.M. and Factory Director discussing, testing the latest technology on the machines.
    Our Warehouse could store dozens of complete kitchen scouring ball making machines. And hundreds of machine parts. So that it could ensure we start order shipment within three days as soon as possible.
    Professional Team
    Our professional sales team could handle your order and machine shipment as soon as possible. Whenever you had any questions and problems, you will get direct reply. We have selling agents in GZ, SZ.Scrubber Wire Drawing Machine price