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    6M EV Power Battery
    Main feature
    1. Cylindrical lithium ternary cell;
    2. Multi-cell series and parallel;
    3. Large overcharge tolerance and safer performance;
    4. High capacity and low inner resistance;
    5. With both high voltage and low voltage harness;
    6. With cell monitoring and execution control unit;
    7. Both OEM and ODM orders are welcome;
    8. Applicable to electric cargo van.
    Technical Parameters
    CellSystem CapacityNominal VoltageOperating Voltage ValueStandard ChargingCharging RatioDischarging RatioWorking TemperatureProtection LevelComponent
    86Ah172Ah313.6V245V~357.7V0.5C/2h2C3C-30℃~50℃IP67different box*2+high voltage box
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