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    Semi-auto Slotter Machine
    Use and characteristics:
    1.Feeding table adopts chain style manual feeding paper.
    2.Slot blade phase adopts 360°electronic clockwise and anticlockwise slightly adjust.
    3.Knife plate shaft through hard chrome and precise polishing, sturdy and durable. It is provided with a spiral groove to clean up the dust and move the knife plate easily.
    4.This machine is provided with a trimming knife.The trimming knife can be disassembled . It is easy to use.
    5. Manual sync adjust 4 slotting knives , slotting knives and creasing knives move together.
    6.Electric digital phase.
    7.Equipped with emergency stop button for safe operation.
    5.External components for the oil pump pressure lubrication oil lubrication system of forced circulation type.

    Technological parameter:
    Maximum speed70PCS/min70PCS/min
    Notching width45mm45mm
    Slot width7.5mm7.5mm
    Maximum feed size2000×1600mm2500×1600mm
    Maximum groove depth300mm300mm
    Minimum feed size650×350mm650×350mm
    Main motor power4.0kw5.5kw
    Weight4000kg4500kgSlotter factory